Our sales team is your sales team

Offering representation and service during every interaction with key decision makers, paving a future for the retail real estate of your products.

Value added services

  • Retail Ready Strategy

    Recognise, evaluate and nurture sales & distribution opportunities that foster growth and advancement through a customised brand partnership process.

  • Warehousing & Supply Chain Solutions

    Effective unified invoicing, inventory management and on-time delivery of orders to replenish retail shelves across Australia.

  • Media & Advertising

    Providing assistance and advice with design and packaging through to above the line TV, radio & outdoor advertising.

  • Representing You

    Amplifying your brand's visibility, setting up the opportunity for products to be considered by the right people in retail, pharmacy and wholesale channels.

  • Strategic Marketing

    Crafting and development of sales documents and brand presentations, with the ability to craft collateral for national distribution aligned to your business needs.

Retail ready strategy

We work closely with trusted marketing and media partners. This is a fee for service, value add support, giving you the opportunity to review marketing requirements and that they are addressed and resolved to meet buyers’ expectations. We leave no stone unturned.

There is significant time required to build and gain exposure, traction and recognition in retail stores nationally. This can take up to and beyond 12-18 months.

Warehousing & Supply Chain Solutions

For a monthly service fee, bid farewell to the complexities of managing multiple stock locations and deliveries. Our consolidated warehousing and logistics service simplifies operations, saving you valuable time, resources and potential double handling.

Media & advertising

In collaboration with our external media partners and marketing agencies, we can advise and assist with design and packaging, point of sale material, product activation events, social media, digital marketing and above the line marketing for example, TV, radio and outdoor advertising.

Our support stretches far beyond that of a traditional sales and consultancy business with our scope of services covering everything required to bring your products to retail and pharmacy customers.

Representing you

Maintaining strong established relationships with pharmacy, retail and wholesale banner groups, serving as your brand representative. This proven approach enables you to benefit from the expertise of our team and supporting you through leveraging our connections and relationships.

This allows you to focus efforts on manufacturing and running your business efficiently while we amplify your brands’ visibility and set up the opportunity for your product/s to be considered by the right people in the right retail, pharmacy and wholesale distribution channels.

Strategic marketing

In house, we prepare your brand prior to launch and presenting to buyers. This includes the development of a range of sales documents, including brand presentations, order forms and fact sheets.

PHRB may introduce additional products for national distribution within your product portfolio.

Throughout the process, we will guide you every step of the way, including but not limited to meeting marketing requirements, updating product design, and reviewing pricing against competitors.

Let's get you retail ready

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