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Buderim Bioactive Ginger⁺

Buderim Bioactive Ginger⁺ | Shots

Buderim Bioactive Ginger⁺ | Shots

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Discover the remarkable therapeutic benefits of Ginger with this daily shot. Buderim’s BioActive Ginger+ range is a natural solution for enhancing gut and immune health as well as offer relief from nausea and motion sickness.

Convenient 350mL multi shot bottle (7 x 50mL shots)

🟠 Helps Relieve, Soothe & Prevent nausea

🟠10mg Natural Gingerols, equivalent to over 1,166mg Dried Ginger Rhizome powder per serve

🟠 Vitamin B6 supports Immune System & Psychological Function and Energy Metabolism

🟠 Aids reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue

🟠 25% RDI Zinc supports Immune System Function, Skin, Hair & Nail health

🟠 2g Prebiotic Fibre

🟠 Vegan

🟠 Gluten Free

🟠 Australian Made

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