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Kiwiherb | Organic De-Stuff For Kids

Kiwiherb | Organic De-Stuff For Kids

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Organic De-Stuff For Kids is a unique formulation containing Organic Elderflower, Ribwort & Echinacea root, designed to support the health of the upper respiratory tract, especially little noses and sinuses.

This formula can be used for children 2-12 years old and may aid in the relief of post-nasal drip and congestion of the upper respiratory tract. 

Available in 50mL, 100mL & 200mL.

🟠 Nasal and Sinus Support

🟠 Support and Maintains Upper Respiratory Tract

🟠 Convenient Liquid Formulation

🟠 Contains No Artificial Flavours, Sweeteners, Colours, or Preservatives

🟠 Certified Organic Formula


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