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Taf Toys

Taf Toys | Newborn Kit 0m+

Taf Toys | Newborn Kit 0m+

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Specially designed for newborns, our Newborn kit was specially designed to provide parents with the most needed developmental toys that will assure baby is getting all the needed support in a fun & healthy way.

Comes with a developmental guide which provides Newborn developmental tips and explains how using each toy inside this kit helps the baby.

The kit includes 12 must-have developmental products for newborns: Baby-safe Mirror, Lion Blankie, Developmental Pillow, Rattle Ring, Crinkle Lion Cub, 5 Double Sided Flash Cards (10 images), 2 plastic card holders & bonus Developmental guide.

🔵 Great for Tummy-Time, Visual Stimulation, Learning about Cause & Effect & Emotional Development.

🔵 Enhanced unboxing experience- Products are well organized and wrapped in a tissue paper

🔵 Great as a Gift or for Self-Purchase

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