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Taf Toys

Taf Toys | Tummy-Time Book

Taf Toys | Tummy-Time Book

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The Joey soft baby book, features two sides for two developmental stages. With lovely illustrations and Multi sensory textures along with fun activities for baby.

🔵 Uses Flip & Play concept with standing feature to encourage tummy time

🔵 Provides Visual Stimulation and encourages Focus

🔵 Includes Joey baby Koala teether toy

🔵 Stands up alone for tummy-time play


The Savannah tummy time book features double sided black & white images in a soft, crinkly baby book. With one image focus to avoid over stimulation

🔵 Provides Visual Stimulation and encourages Focus

🔵 Perfect for use from Day 1 to encourage Newborns staying on their tummy longer

🔵 Suitable for use in tummy time or in a sitting position

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